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Water is going to be the most debated environmental challenge world will face in the coming decades.

Pure water is fast becoming the scarcest commodity on earth. The present day water has different types of deadly contaminants unheard of in the past. Total dissolved solids in excess, heavy metals like lead, copper, iron, mercury and arsenic and other pollutants like insecticides & pesticides in the water can wreak havoc on human body.

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Our Global Associates

  • Organic Filter Co. Ltd., Taiwan
  • Kemflo International Co. Ltd., Taiwan
  • A Q & Q Co., Ltd., Taiwan
  • PAE Tank
  • Filmtec
  • Aventura
  • DAB, CAT and PROCON Pumps
  • Caware International Co. Ltd.
  • Chanitex (Shanghai)

Quality Assurance

  • Best Quality
  • Competitive Price
  • Good for Health
  • Best Service
  • Filteration from rough water
  • Pure and safe
  • free from bacteria and viruses
  • Chemicalless
  • Soft drinking water


Due to climatic changes, draughts, industrial wastes & alarming levels of salinity, industrial wastes, sources like rivers, catchments and reservoir systems are under dire stress resulting in the deteriorating water quality day by day.

Due to the increased pollutants, river water, is getting contaminated with dissolved impurities & bacteria and viruses