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How the water softner work?

Ion exchange systems soften hard water by removing the minerals. (Calcium and magnesium that cause hardness). This system also efficiently removes ion, manganese and many heavy metals. The hard water passes through a tank containing an exchange resin. Sodium on the resin replaces the hardness minerals The sodium remains in a soluble form in the soften water. In this way the source water is well soften.

Benefits and Features :

Function of water softner is to soften the water quality and reduce the hardness of water.

  • Wash by water softner to help to keep Utensils and Sanitary ware bright and new.
  • Removal of hard ions is helpful to avoid the erosion of water.
    Prolomg the life of HOME appliances more than 40%.
    Save 30% of power consumption in water heater.
    Shower the water treated by water softner keep your hair soft, your skin exquisite and your appearance healthy.
  • Wash your clothes using water softner can save your expenses.
    Save detergent, scour and soap up to 50%
    Release your trouble of soap accumulation and let you do not need to use crumb softner.

Capacity: 1000 ltr/hour to 50,000 ltr/hour.